Smt to keep you going/News

So as some of you already know, I decided to release after all the full magazine, first of all because most of you voted to see the full magazine and (here I go to my next point) I am going to start the magazine all over(except some graphics I already did). This means that it won't appear this Spring (probably) but maybe Summer or even in Fall (like I said I'm not sure).

Why am I making this change? Well, because if you will have to wait a even longer period of time, I want to satisfy your expectations with a really good magazine with lots of articles and graphics and other stuff.

I'm really sorry for this delay and I understand your disappointment but I think most of you would read/look through a good and well made magazine rather than see a poorly made one.

Thank you for reading/following my magazine))

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  1. I am very glad that we will be seeing the full issue :)